Friday, September 15, 2017



Our weather has been so fantastic lately I find myself wanting to spend more and more time outside. Temps in the mornings in the mid 60's and by afternoon low 80's. These temps are such a sweet spot for me. I love them!

I ventured out last week to my two favorite garden/nursery centers and bought mums, gourds and pumpkins. I've always felt a little frivilous when purchasing a bunch of pumpkins and gourds only to have them rot or get eaten by wildlife before Thanksgiving. Usually I would be hesitant to purchase them so early, but this year I came across a way to extend their life (I hope), to preserve them....until Thanksgiving!

What you will need:

-Bleach and water
-Dobie scrubber (or something similar)
-Clear lacquer sealant spray

Step #1:
Wash pumpkins and gourds in a solution of water and bleach. 
Scrub with a soft pad, like a Dobie pad so as not to scratch
the pumpkins or gourds.

Dry them off with a towel and lay in the sun for the remaining dry time.

Step #3:
Coat each pumpkin or gourd with 2 coats of lacquer. Let dry thoroughly and enjoy for the season!

Have you ever had an issue with rotten, moldy gourds or pumpkins like me? You may want to give this little trick a try!

                       Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Sending thoughts and prayers.........

to ALL that have been affected by the storms that have ravaged our country and elsewhere. My family is safe and our home's are in tact, but many others are not as fortunate.

Let's stay STRONG together as we wade through the path of destruction putting the pieces back together.

The power of FAITH will guide us through!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Hello TLB's blog started with over ripe bananas and special memories! Come on over......

Monday, July 10, 2017


What a busy weekend! Hubby and I hopped on a plane and headed East to our daughter and son-in-law to be's Bridal shower and Engagement party. The weather was beautiful during the day for the shower, but decided to rain a bit during the Engagement party. Spirits were not dampened by the rain. We were so excited to celebrate this very special time in our daughter and son-in-law to be's life!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Hello TLB friends,

I hope life has been well with all of you, and I'm so glad you are back for a visit today! Things have been pretty busy around our house. As many of you know hubby and I have three daughters. Recently our middle daughter became engaged to a wonderful man. They set their date in November, and it will be in Charleston, SC. Of course I had to include a photo of the happy couple.........

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Life sure has a way of passing by when you are busy! The past 3 weeks I have been on 8 airplanes! There's been no time for brainstorming what my next blog will be, when we have a wedding to plan!

I've been with my daughter in Charleston making selections so that she and her fiance could sign all of their contracts for their Fall wedding, and of course at the Florida house for the Spring cleanup. Busy times!

After coming home from beautiful warm states that are prolific with colorful flowers......our house an Texas seemed a bit drab inside. It only took one quick trip to the grocery store floral department and for less than $20.00 things began looking much more springlike

Variegated cream and red Hyrdrangeas, red Mini Carnations and  green Solidago bunches
added just the right amount of "Happy Spring" to the house.

If you need a quick pick me up for your home......head on over to your local grocery
store and pick up a bright beautiful bouquet that is sure to add a bit of "Happy Spring" 
to your home too!

Have a colorful day!

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Friday, April 28, 2017


Warm weather is on its way for many of us. In Texas our grills are cooking up some super special goodness already!  I'm always searching for tasty side dishes to pair with our protein. Whether we are having red meat, turkey, chicken or fish, a side dish is a must. Of course no picnic is complete with dessert, so I've included a couple of those in today's blog too.

I found a recipe, that cuts the fat used in a typical potato salad and tastes delish. It couldn't have been any easier to prepare. And it was hubby approved!

It's called Loaded Baked Potato Salad, but it's not baked! I think you get the tastes like a baked potato, and there's some nice surprises inside; like a packet of dry ranch dressing stirred into the cooked potatoes. 

Click on this link for the recipe:

No picnic is complete without deviled eggs. Let's face it, deviled eggs have come a long way. Even cocktail parties aren't complete without them. The ingredients in this recipe will truly surprise you. 

I was given this recipe from Beth a fellow blogger that I chatted with online last year when I first started blogging. She was so gracious and so helpful with all of my questions. At the time, I was getting ready to host a cocktail party, and she gave me some recipes and some very helpful hints. One of the recipes was what I call-- Beth's Deviled Eggs.

I ended up serving them at our cocktail party and friends loved them! And now they are great for picnic season.They are a bit sweet, but still savory. Who would have thought applesauce and currants along with some other goodies would be in deviled eggs. My girls love them. It's the only way they will eat deviled eggs now.

Here is the recipe:


  • one dozen eggs
Scoop out cooked yolks and place in a small bowl. 

Add to mashed yolks:
  • 2 tbsp. mayo
  • 1 tsp. Dijon mustard
  • 1 tsp. curry powder ( I use a bit less)
  • 3 tbsp. chopped fresh chives
  • 3-4 tbsp. dried sweet currants 
  • 3 tbsp. chunky applesauce
You may add more mayo or applesauce to taste if the yolks are not wet enough. Pipe into
each egg. 

***I have never done this, but Beth also recommended adding a dollop of apple, garlic or ginger chutney on top. She used Stonewall Kitchen. 

Finally, dust the entire plate with shaved almonds and more chives or fresh lemon thyme.

Every picnic has to have the essential dessert. Something a little sweet. I have two very different ideas for you. The first an easy Sorbet dessert. 

Raspberry Sorbet in Lemon Cups

  • Lemons
  • Raspberry sorbet (or your favorite flavor)
Hollow out the lemon using a melon baller. Scoop your favorite Sorbet
into each half, freeze and serve. So easy and so pretty!

I have one more different sweet treat for you. They are just like Rice Krispie Bars, but  with a use Ruffles potato chips instead of the cereal! They have a nice sweet/salty taste that I think will surprise your taste buds.

Ruffles Marshmallow Krispie Treats

You may find the recipe here:

I hope you enjoy this group of recipes, and you're able to use them at your picnics or summer dinners.

Have a wonderful weekend.
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