Monday, March 30, 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

I managed to squeeze in a little foyer redecorating for Spring. Foyer's are our first impression when we enter a home, and whether they are big, small or nearly non-existent, it's so important to create a warm welcome feeling for your guests.

I didn't need to purchase anything. I grabbed from various parts of the house and the arrangement ended up like this------

Cherry blossom twigs, a large mother of pearl ginger jar, a lovely beachy vase and plate combo and a nice comfy chair made everything complete. 

Light, airy, Springy and a bit beachy! The vase bears the likeness of the blue hues from the Gulf waters, and the golds are like the glistening sand.

I just love this plate. When I purchased all of these items a few years ago, I started with the plate and then added everything else. 

Making a welcoming foyer can be as easy as looking around your home for a new placement for your favorite things or making a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up a fresh bouquet of tulips!  Now go ahead and have some fun!

                                                              Happy Spring!!


Friday, March 27, 2015

EASY SHRIMP SCAMPI--Great Meatless Meal!

It's that time of year when I find myself searching for new meatless recipes for the Lenten season. Heaven knows there is a plethora of them floating around. I love the new twist on the old classics the best!

In case you didn't know I am a huge fan of Ellie Krieger. I love her recipes because they are healthy as well as tasty. Today's dish is Ellie's Shrimp Scampi with Artichokes. It takes just minutes to prepare and tastes so delicious. I added a side of steamed broccoli and dinner was served!

Follow the link to Ellie's recipe:

Loaded with shrimp and artichokes the recipe couldn't be any easier. Why not give it a try any night for a quick dinner. You'll be amazed at the flavors as they meld into this delish dish!

Thanks for joining me on FOODIE FRIDAY and have a wonderful weekend!


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Wednesday, March 25, 2015



It's the year of the incredible egg!

Eggs of all kinds are everywhere. We see paper, plastic, chocolate and yes, the original "incredible egg!" Well, "most of us" got some good news from the Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee's recommendation to lift the limit on dietary cholesterol. (Each individual should always follow their own doctor's advice.)

The study shows that in "most of us" the saturated fat rather than the cholesterol we eat  is what significantly raises our blood cholesterol. Foods like shellfish and eggs are no longer part of the restriction. Perfect timing for the upcoming Easter egg season!

One egg is 70 calories and is packed full of vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein and antioxidants. The fact that it is full of good protein can help keep us alert and give us more
physical energy. WOW!

Never fear Food Network has come up with "50" Egg Ideas to help us incorporate eggs into our diet. Now that's alot of ideas!

Do you love deviled eggs? I've got a recipe that was passed along from my blogger friend Beth that is unbelieveably outstanding! Every time I serve them to guests they request the recipe. Take a look at this yummy high-protein food and see the recipe below:


Hard boiled eggs
Mustard (I use French's)
Slivered almonds or chives sprinkled on top

There is no magic number as far as measuring. Adjust the ingredients to your own taste. The unusual combination of curry and currants is so delicious. Your guests will LOVE them!

I hope most of you can now enjoy a delicious "incredible edible" egg without the guilt!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!



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Monday, March 23, 2015


Welcome to Monday, my friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm still adjusting to my new environment. I'm so used to grabbing a winter coat before I leave the house, I almost feel like I'm on vacation. Well I can tell you that couldn't be farther from the truth!

Our weekend was filled with furniture stores and nurseries. It honestly was so much fun....even hubby got into it! I get energized playing with fabrics and plants. Crazy huh?

As hubby was packing for a week of travel, I sat down to do today's DIY project....

Items you will need:

1. Mod Podge
2. Faux eggs 
3. A few sponge paint brushes 
4. Origami paper
5. Scissors

It wanted to decorate eggs to add to my speckled collection. Origami paper allowed me to
add a nice little design with very little effort.  Warning.....your fingers will be a bit sticky!


1.  Cut Origami paper in small pieces.
2.  Brush small areas of the egg with Mod Podge.
3.  Place cut pieces of paper over the area. Using a dry brush to seal all edges, create a       smooth look.
4.  Let dry.

It's just that easy! Why not take a few minutes to spice up your egg collection. The sky's the limit, use any color combo you like to personalize your eggs. Add a monogram if you like!

                                                  Wishing you a fun Monday!


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***Easter bunny was purchased at World Market.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Welcome back to "The Lavender Bouquet" friends.......

I'm so glad to be back with all of you.....thanks so much for your patience during my brief break and joining me as we begin our 2015 journey together! I missed y'all!

It's been a very busy few months. Hubby and I have changed our location for a bit. As I write to you we are residing at our Florida house, a nice change of pace for a short time. Lots of logistics and driving in a very hazardous snowstorm were a bit nerve wracking, but we arrived safely and are settling in very nicely.

We've decided to take time to do some renovating while we are here, just a little updating and freshening. My adrenalin started pumping when hubby suggested visiting kitchen cabinet companies and furniture stores. Yes, you read it right, HUBBY suggested this. Of course I was on board for this little adventure immediately!!

I'll be sharing some new DIY projects, delish recipes and as usual some of our travel adventures with you along the way. My first SPRING 2015 DIY project is the Spring wreath you see above. On the drive to Florida we stopped in Raleigh to see our daughter and went to the most beautiful little gift shop. It was filled with lots of Spring inspiration! The bug bit me, so as soon as I got settled in, I created my Spring wreath..........hope you enjoy it! 

  Let the fun begin!


***Materials for wreath include:

1-grapevine wreath (size is your choice)
1-spool wire edged ribbon
flowers of your choice

Assembly is easy with a hot glue gun.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Happy Wednesday TLB friends! 

Watch for our SPRING blog return on March 20th..........see you then!!