Friday, March 20, 2015


Welcome back to "The Lavender Bouquet" friends.......

I'm so glad to be back with all of you.....thanks so much for your patience during my brief break and joining me as we begin our 2015 journey together! I missed y'all!

It's been a very busy few months. Hubby and I have changed our location for a bit. As I write to you we are residing at our Florida house, a nice change of pace for a short time. Lots of logistics and driving in a very hazardous snowstorm were a bit nerve wracking, but we arrived safely and are settling in very nicely.

We've decided to take time to do some renovating while we are here, just a little updating and freshening. My adrenalin started pumping when hubby suggested visiting kitchen cabinet companies and furniture stores. Yes, you read it right, HUBBY suggested this. Of course I was on board for this little adventure immediately!!

I'll be sharing some new DIY projects, delish recipes and as usual some of our travel adventures with you along the way. My first SPRING 2015 DIY project is the Spring wreath you see above. On the drive to Florida we stopped in Raleigh to see our daughter and went to the most beautiful little gift shop. It was filled with lots of Spring inspiration! The bug bit me, so as soon as I got settled in, I created my Spring wreath..........hope you enjoy it! 

  Let the fun begin!


***Materials for wreath include:

1-grapevine wreath (size is your choice)
1-spool wire edged ribbon
flowers of your choice

Assembly is easy with a hot glue gun.

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