Wednesday, May 27, 2015


We had a sofa dilemma. Our sofas are 10 years old. They are excellent quality and have fared all of our moves very well. The fabric and frame look terrific, but the foam on the inside corners of the cushions were showing signs of wear.

I called Ethan Allen, and because of the age of the sofas, I was referred to an aftermarket gentlemen. I made the appointment for him to come to our home, and give us a quote on replacing the foam in the cushions. 

The foam that he uses is not the quality and density that normally comes in new sofa cushions today. The aftermarket foam is much more dense and durable. We decided to have the foam replaced.

First he traced the outline of the old foam on the new piece, and then cut the new foam with an electric a meat carving knife.

He cut a piece of batting the size of the top and bottom of the existing cushion and then adhered the batting to the foam with adhesive spray. 

This is the batting on a roll. 

The entire process looked so easy!  He stuffed the over sized foam, with batting, back into the fabric case of the cushion with minimal effort. You could tell this wasn't his first rodeo!

He zipped it up, played with the form and shape for a few minutes, and the end result looks like a "brand new" cushion! See for yourself........

We were very pleased with the outcome, especially because our sofas look NEW once again! So before, you think about buying another sofa, could you renew your sofa's look by merely replacing the foam in your cushions? It's certainly a lot easier on the budget!

                                                     Have a wonderful day!