Friday, October 7, 2016


Good Morning TLB friends! 

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Have you been bitten by the Fall decorating bug yet? I've planted a few planters and urns, and added clusters of mums to our front landscaping. 


Hubby and I took a drive to a couple of pumpkin farms over the weekend where we were able to purchase gourds and white and green pumpkins. We were pleasantly surprised to find huge orange pumpkins at our local Kroger store for $3.99, what a steal! Of course I had to get a few!

I'm facing architectural challenges both inside and out, so I've been taking the process of decorating slowly.

Our porch is pretty compact, so my challenge was how to make it warm and inviting without crowding the space.  My thoughts are, "just because the space is small does not mean that there isn't a way to create a pretty social area." (A place where we can sit and be visible to neighbors, and accessible for chatting!) 

I LOVE architecturally "pleasing to the eye" benches; something with a simple design, not too bold. I found just the bench at GRANDIN ROAD. This Yorkshire bench was the perfect design measurement, and color, Weathered Black. It is brushed with creamy white. It's actually easy to assemble (which hubby was thankful for) and quite comfy too!

Link here:

In case you are curious the large white pumpkin is a Crystal Star and 
the green pumpkin is a Jarrahdale

Of course the addition of a cozy plaid throw, and an Autumn pillow with shades of blue and green were the perfect addition, but I just had to add the orange pumpkin pop! The porch is ready and waiting for someone to "come on up and sit a spell."

The link to purchase the pillow cover is here:  
It does not include the 16 x 16 inch pillow form. The blanket is something I have had for a few years. Both the bench and the pillow are on sale right now!

Then there's that darn welcome mat! It feels too big and bulky for the space, so I have my eye out for something smaller and lower profile. I'll share when I find just the right one!

The porch has space for a small urn on the right side of the door. Unfortunately, my favorite urns (in the foreground) are now used individually instead of in pairs. I've filled the urns with yellow, purple, orange and white mums, cabbage plants and prairie grasses. As they blossom we should have a profusion of color.

I also planted mums in the same color palette in beds in my front yard. (Olivia Orange, Brandi Burgundy, Daniele Purple, Edith White, and yellow) These mums will blossom mid to late October here. I can't wait for that profusion of Fall color!

Below is a pumpkin that I stenciled last year. The post that goes through the pumpkin has a washer and screw on the bottom and a hook at the top. It's actually quite genius! I found this at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY a few years ago. I just used my shepherd's hook to hold it.

In case you missed my blog on preserving pumpkins and gourds, here are the instructions:

1. Wash the pumpkins and gourds with bleach and water with a Dobie pad.

2.  Let dry in the sun.

3.  Spray with clear Lacquer and let dry.

The gourds and pumpkins will have a beautiful shiny finish and will last through the season!
Hubby layed ours on boards after they were dry and sprayed them with lacquer to continue the drying process. See below....

As the mums blossom and the landscaping comes to life, I'll add more photos to the blog. It's a bit early here in Texas with temps quite warm.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of Fall today. Hopefully, I've given you the nudge you need to add some glorious Fall color to your home too!

Happy Planting!