Friday, September 16, 2016


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I've been spending my evenings recently searching for Italian appetizers that would be something I could serve our guests on our "Napa Patio." It looks like the completion of my patio vision will have to wait until Springtime to be finished, but hey, it just gives me more time to plan, and pick out just the right selections!

Since we'll have to carry everything from our outdoor kitchen, across the pool deck, and down a short flagstone walkway, I thought today's recipe might be a good choice because of its portability. These little jars are called.... POLENTA JARS WITH ITALIAN SAUSAGE AND RED WINE MUSHROOMS.

Don't they look delish? They are the cutest little yummies, and so easy to eat with a spoon!
The process was a bit messy. Cooking Polenta, browning sausage and mushrooms and then of course there is the addition of the red Italian must!  Hubby says I'm kind of a messy cook, but it's always worth it! haha My new stove top was quite a mess!

I bought a case of jelly jars because of their size, with the idea they would be easy for guests to hold, and eat while carrying on a conversation. I also think these little jars would make great small dessert that's another future blog!

The following photos give you an idea of the prep that goes into these little creations.

To add the Polenta to the jar I used a cookie scoop; it worked great! Then I smoothed the top of the Polenta with the tip of a small spoon, and dropped a nice dollop of the Italian Sausage and Red Wine Mushrooms over it. Easy!

There isn't much taste with the Polenta base, although, if you are a bit salt sensitive I would cut the salt in half. Hubby and I thought the browned sausage and red wine sauce has enough of a salty taste, and in addition gives it a nice savory/sweetness from the red wine and the browning.

I made my jars ahead and microwaved them for about 45 seconds and then transferred them to a platter before serving. They are just warm enough to hold with a napkin without burning anyone.....we wouldn't want that to happen! I've also sliced a crusty baguette to serve along side in case a guest would like to spoon their little jar of goodness onto it.

The recipe may be found by following this link:

I hope you enjoyed my recipe choice for Foodie Friday today. Please leave me a comment if you are enjoying different and unusual recipes for both your family and entertaining.

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