Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hello TLB friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend. While I've been arranging and rearranging furniture I haven't really taken the time to even think about inspiration....meaning looking around and finding those pieces/things that inspire my creativity and deciding where they should be placed. 

I kidded with the workmen that our 3rd car garage was a store. Because an open concept home requires less furniture, and has much less wall space, we have quite a collection of items now for sale. It also makes sense to update some pieces which creates another dilemma.....how do I incorporate my old with my new?

Finding inspiration can come from simple things, like fresh-cut flowers or even grocery store bouquets. I love to use grocery store flowers, not only for their price point, but the ease of being able to grab groceries, and a little bundle of happiness all in one trip. And that is exactly what I did to add a little punch to our dining room. 

Our new dining room is open to the foyer, so as you enter the front door you see the table, chairs, and server. I thought it was the perfect place for some "colorful happiness!"

I chose white Hydrangeas tipped with blue, burgundy Carnations, (a beautiful flower totally underused in my opinion), and a filler of Seeded Eucalyptus, which I love to use with red Carnations at Christmas too! 

A simple white pitcher and a couple of Irish crystal vases fits my taste and personality. I think by adding a touch of something glitzy it shows you can have fun without being stuffy!

So as you look around your home, pull out something unexpected, pair it together with some beautiful flowers and ENJOY! Always remember, your home is your sanctuary, and should be a direct reflection of your personality!

Wishing you all a colorful, and creative day with just a touch of glitz!