Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Hello Tuesday friends!

It's time for another house update. After receiving the news that our closing date will now be in July, we were a bit deflated. This means we not only had to extend our apartment lease, we also had to change the pool installation dates, and the delivery of our household storage goods from NJ. On a positive note.....because, let's face it, this is not a life threatening event......we're kind of thinking it will be like "Christmas in July!" 

Last week was a productive one at our home site. All of the exterior the brick and stone were completed, and the trim was painted. Our garage doors, wood floors, some cabinetry, and staircase were also completed.

The staircase was such an amazing process with absolutely gorgeous results, I just had to share with you.....I could hardly contain myself when hubby pointed out that the boxes that arrived were our "scrolls!!" I was like a kid in a candy store......

In the history of our building homes, this is the first curved staircase we have chosen. We were so blown away by the artistic ability of our carpenters. They were just amazing!

The process begins by cleaning the stairway thoroughly. Then they started bending the handrail to match the curve of the staircase wall. They began with a full length rail that was a bit longer than the finished rail needed to be. Clamps and shims were laid out for ease of grasp along the way as they carefully use the edge of the staircase as their guide for the curve.

Several pieces of wood are laid side by side and glued together, prior to the clamping process. (see close-up of the layers in photo below) Unfortunately, this process was done before hubby and I were at the house to watch exactly how they managed this "miracle."

But the following day when we arrived, the handrail was already in place. We were amazed how the railing followed the staircase lines so precisely.

(QUICK PEEK-----our 3 1/4 inch red oak wood floor was laid during this process also. Completion of the sanding and staining of the wood floor is the very last thing to be completed in the house before closing.)

The wrought iron posts and scrolls were then added in the pattern we had chosen. 

And in the end........we couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks so much for sharing our Texas journey with us!