Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Our Princeton, NJ home turned out to be the largest renovation project we have ever undertaken. There was something about this beautiful Georgian Colonial that just screamed to us...."make me loved again!" 

Before we took possession we made a list of upgrades, and changes that we wanted to do. At first it was the infamous "Wish List," but then we whittled it down until it became the "Reality List!" Everyone has their financial limits.

One of the projects was the sad, worn marble floor in the foyer. Since this was such an important area, we needed to restore that "WOW" that this lovely home deserved.
We did some research and finally solicited the experts from Worldwide Flooring, in Lawrenceville, NJ, to bring our vision to life.

This is how the floor looked BEFORE........dull and worn.

We could see the potential and the marble's neutral palette was perfect for any color scheme. The staircase was stained the typical light stain used in the early 90's, and the wall color was of the same era.

The process began with a deep cleaning, including scrubbing the discolored grout. The cleaning of each groove took some time and was quite tedious. (Notice the narrow tool he used to reach into the grooves, and pay attention to the color of the CLEAN grout in the end.)

After the grout was cleaned, the floor tile itself was cleaned also. The soapy residue was sucked up with a vacuum style machine.

The floor was allowed to dry, and then he used a polishing machine equipped with a very soft pad, steering it in a circular motion....until the shine was restored. This is called honing. Not only is the luster restored, but many of the scratches from years past were not as prevalent either.

We could finally see that shine we were looking for!

While we were doing this project, the walls and railing were painted fresh new colors as well.

When our project was finished, "the love" was once again restored. The foyer looked "brand new," and was once again a warm and loving Welcome for family and friends!

Sometimes projects like these are difficult to see through to the other side. When it comes to marble, there is always hope. We did this same process in our powder room, and it turned out beautifully also.

If you are working on a project, and you just can't see past the damage or wear, sometimes soliciting the help from a professional is worth the cost in the long run. We are so happy we did this!

                                                           Happy Renovating!