Friday, April 29, 2016


May Day signifies Springtime to me!  It's a great time to surprise a friend or a neighbor with a little something tied to their front door. Of course I love to make it an anonymous gesture, but they seem to always know who the culprit was!

I made a trip to the Dollar General store near me and picked up some bright cheery little boxes, grabbed a few bouquets of flowers from my grocery store, and this is what I made with them.....

All you need to make these....

2--vases that fit inside of the boxes
2--decorated Springlike boxes with handles
Flowers to fill each vase
Small tags 
Small clothespins

Assembly is easy: Place the vases inside of each container. I add a tiny bit of water. Cut flower stems to the appropriate length and fill the vases quite full with color. The more color the better!

Fill out your tag to say Happy May Day, and attach it with a small clothespin to the box.
(I purchased my colorful clothespins and tags in World Market, everything else I purchased in Dollar General.)

Below is my 2015 May Day gift for my neighbors. I tied Basil plants on doors for a change. The pots were from the Dollar Store at that time. The plant fit quite easily into the can, and I tied the ribbon around the handle of the can, made a bow and attached it their doors.

It's easy, it's fun, and brings quite a smile to my neighbors faces! Sometimes the smallest 

gestures of kindness is exactly what someone needs!