Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Welcome to Tuesday TLB friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today's DIY blog is all about how a subtle change can transform something into a brand new look..........

As I looked at the plans for the new kitchen, I knew I would be able to use our existing table and chairs. Everything fit nicely within the bay window area, even the chandelier electrical box was hung perfectly above where the table will finally rest.

Our kitchen table and chairs was a purchase from Ethan Allen years ago, and has fared well through all of our relocations. With this relocation there is only one thing that was an issue, and that was the current fabric color on the seats of the chairs; it was burgundy. This is really not part of my new updated color palette, so I decided to change the fabric on the seats. 

On one of my recent trips to Florida I shopped a terrific 50% off sale at Boca Bargoons. This trip resulted in my purchase of the fabric below. (4th choice down)  I have 6 chair seats to recover, and left spending $50.00 total on my fabric. A durable, stain resistant, lovely gold/silver textured fabric with a slight sheen. Cha ching!

This is my chair BEFORE.........

I am by no means an expert in reupholstering, however, I thought how hard could this be? I started by removing the old seat, keeping the styrofoam which was still in great shape, and then painstakingly removing the fabric and backing. It's quite a lot of labor, but I kept
reminding myself how much I was saving financially by doing this project myself!

After removing all of the fabric, staples and glue, I Iaid out the old fabric and used it as my pattern.

The styrofoam is on the reverse side.

I was able to salvage the backing material and re-staple it around the perimeter. It looks a bit rough here but the wood frame of the chair covers all of ugly!

Top side view after recovering.........

Putting the chair back together required hubby's help to make sure that the 4 screws were tightened properly.

Here is my final project.....I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, and can't wait to see them in the new kitchen with our family gathered around our special family table.....a table that we've shared so many special times with our girls through the years.

I only have 5 more chairs to finish! I figure by the time the house is completed in June, I'll have them ready!! Do you have an old chair that you just can't part with? Why not spruce it up a bit with a beautiful fabric? It's a terrific way to freshen the things we just can't part with.

Wishing you a wonderfully creative day!


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