Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Happy Tuesday TLB friends!

Today's DIY was prompted by a need I had in my own home. There are certain houseplants that I love and I scatter them about. But sometimes the containers I see them in the stores just don't have much pizazz. 

I decided to add a little glitz to a clay pot by using fine gold leaf paper. No longer do we have to be stuck with a clay colored pot....come check out how easy it is to transform something plain into something beautiful!

Here is what you will need:

--clay pot--your choice of size
--satin paint your color choice
--Gold leaf--
--Metal leaf spray sealer
--Metal leaf liquid sealer
--paint brush and foam stomper


Using a paint brush apply the liquid sealer to the area where you will apply the gold leaf paper. While the glue is wet use tweezers to apply the paper. Gently stomp, using a foam brush, tapping the paper lightly into place and let dry.

After drying, spray the pots with a spray sealer inside and out, and allow to dry. 

The final result........

It's so easy to add just a bit of glitz to your decor. Have fun!