Monday, August 3, 2015


The best thing that has ever been invented for me is my cell phone GPS! I rely on it to get me everywhere, especially while exploring in our new home town. 

It's funny, I can usually recall the day that I find the treasured stores that become my favorites down the road. It was nice to take a break from house hunting and finding this great shop called Sally Lynn Home, made my day!

I thought of my friends Kris and Rita when I came across this little gem in Southlake. You girls would LOVE this store!

Sally Lynn is packed full of beautiful vintage and new finds, displayed beautifully. I love the long stemmed cotton boll sprays. (not spelled ball) It's so fluffy and so "in" right now!  

I only snapped a few photos because I only had my cell phone with me, but I think you get the idea......what a great store!

I bought the most beautifully scented candle, called "Back Porch". It happened to be burning when I walked in the store, and it smelled absolutely amazing! I had to take one home with me, after all the apartment is new and needs to get a little "lived in" scent!  

All of the Park Hill candles are soy based with 60 hours of burning time. Here is an Amazon link if you 'd like to check them out:

                 Well I hope you enjoyed exploring with me back to house hunting!

                                                              Have a wonderful day!