Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Welcome to's so nice that you stopped by today! 

I've got a great DIY wreath to share with you that is easy to assemble, and will be a beautiful add to your front door and any wall in your home.

Take a peek.......

I was lucky enough to find the cotton boll stems in my new favorite store here in town. I searched Michael's and didn't see anything remotely resembling a cotton boll. I did, however, find vendors on Etsy selling both the stems and bags of the bolls.

Here are the supplies you will need....

* 1-grapevine wreath (size is up to you)
*  Cotton boll stems (I used 3) or bag of cotton bolls
*  3 stems of greenery (your choice)
*  1 roll of burlap ribbon
*  Floral wire
*  Hot glue gun


1.  Cut bolls off stems and glue sporadically throughout the wreath. 

2.  Glue greenery in between the bolls filling in the empty spaces.

3.  Form ribbon in the size bow that you would like and secure with floral wire or glue.

That's it........quick and easy. I hope you enjoyed today's DIY!

 See you on Foodie Friday.