Wednesday, August 19, 2015


It's been six weeks since we signed our lease on the apartment, and began our new journey. When I look back at the whirlwind events that have occurred, I'm exhausted! Hubby and I looked at each other, after recalling all of the steps it took us to get here, and both said, "no wonder we are tired!"

After accomplishing all of the unpacking, and settling we stepped into the house hunting world. We've looked and searched and gotten discouraged. We're in HOT market, which can be good and bad. After loosing one house in a bidding war, we regrouped and continue to search.

During this time, I thought I should use my time wisely before chaos ensues.I brought fabric samples from our furniture that is in storage with me, and decided it was time to change our color palette this move. 

I love the new grays and whites and the freshness that they bring to a home, but I also love the warm golds that I always seem to gravitate to. I used some of the grays in the Princeton bedrooms, but I wanted to add more to the new house.

So I started researching color combos....and chose a palette that incorporates our past golds and brings in some of the new grays also. It feels calm and serene.....
color scheme

I've been spending my days exploring looking for all of the basics, grocery store, church etc., but I also ventured into a model home in a subdivision near the apartment.

Here are a few photos that I took which confirmed my thoughts of incorporating the golds and grays into our home.

This photo does not reflect how I would personally use the choices....not fond of that tub tile, but confirms to me how lovely the two colors flow together. (I apologize for the clarity of my photos, I used my cell phone camera.) The cabinets were a shade of gray and the counter tops were a deep charcoal. The mirror was accented in gold and the mosaic tile was shades of gold, brown, and gray with a creamy grout color.

The photo below is much better lighting and reflects more accurately the true colors. I love the golden vanity stool....nice touch!

The Master shower was the same marble tile with the mosaic shower bottom. Again, not my favorite choice of colors in the pattern.

Venturing into their kitchen were white raised panel cabinets, dark wood, nail down, flooring (which we see a lot here in Texas). The dark wood against the white is lovely.

And in this case a Silestone Quartz counterop that resembles Carrera marble.  The bar stools have just the right amount of golden linen fabric to bring the color into the kitchen also.

Thanks for stopping by today. Let me know what you think of my new color palette. I'd love to hear your comments!

Wishing you a wonderful day!