Monday, August 24, 2015


What's your patio style? Casual, formal, colorful, luxurious, impressive? Stop over to TLB for some quick ideas that help spruce up any patio......

In my opinion, the biggest bang for my buck every year is color....colorful prolific plants. Choosing hearty plants that thrive in the sun....simple petunias and marigolds always offer a gorgeous display throughout the summer months. Of course watering, fertilizer and pruning are a must in keeping them so vibrant.

When choosing plants the addition of coleus adds new texture and interest as well as adding vining plants that soften the edges of the pot. Whether bright lime green or vines with tiny blooms, both work quite well and will bring you a summer full of color.

The silvery color plant is Liquorice. There are golden yellow Marigolds, Million Dollar Vining Petunias and a burgundy spike plant in this pot. They provide lots of color and texture, making the pot much more appealing.

This is my one of a set of two of my most favorite urns. I've had these for years. When I first purchased them they resembled concrete. They are actually a resin cast, so they aren't very heavy. I spray painted them black only a few years ago. In my opinion, the initial investment was worth it was 7 years ago!!

, and

Adding simple decorative pillows to as seating area helps tie your color scheme together. (A great find at TJ Max.) When we purchased our patio furniture, I chose neutral chair cushions to enable me to change my patio colors through the years. 

I'm a Boston fern lover! They are soft and airy and I love the way they flow in the summer breezes. I always add these into my mix every year.

By the end of summer these ferns quadruple in size......completely filling this area.

Thanks for joining me on the patios today............I hope you've gotten some ideas on how just a little big of color can make your patio not only colorful, but so inviting.

                                                 WISHING YOU A COLORFUL SUMMER DAY!