Monday, July 20, 2015


Do you have a favorite Summer cocktail?  This Summer I'm hooked on wine spritzers. I love to have a chilly cocktail on a warm summer night, but as many of you are aware, the hidden calories can add up quite quickly. Now that hubby and I will be living in a warm climate year round, I thought it was prudent to get on the band wagon to find a tasty cocktail without the calories. 

I found this easy chart that helped shed a little light on the hidden calorie count of wine spritzers and it ultimatey helped me concoct my new Pomegranate Signature Cocktail!

If I delete the Pomegranate juice and use the following:
4 oz. of white wine
Topped off with club soda

The total calories is--80

There are so many spritzer concoctions out there today.....what's yours...share with us!

                                         Wishing you a delightful day!


P.S. I love my Annie Falk Hamptons Entertaining book from my daughter's for my birthday. Browsing the beautiful pages, while sipping my Signature is good!