Friday, May 1, 2015


Welcome to Foodie Friday!

One of my favorite fruits is strawberries. I love strawberry anything. Since strawberry season is from April thru August, we can depend on a constant supply of fresh strawberries nearly 6 months of the year in our supermarkets or farm stands. The nutrition facts alone make the strawberry a wise fruit choice. Approximately 8 berries provide 85 mg of Vitamin C or 160% of the Recommended Daily Value. 

I'm somewhat of a Strawberry Bread virgin, I'd never tried it before. The recipe that I chose uses fresh strawberries, is easy to prepare and really delicious!

The final result is a very tasty, a bit gooey, moist bread.....I LOVE the addition of the swirled strawberry jam on top!

I'm anxious to hear my Mother's review......I sent her some of the bread in her Mother's Day package!

Go grab some strawberries and make your family happy with this super delicious and easy bread!

                                                Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Link to bread recipe: