Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The completion of our kitchen remodel in our vacation home is right on schedule. Countertops and backsplash are complete, with doors, hardware and finishing touches being slated to finish by the end of the week. Now it's time for some fun decorative touches to bring our "family personality" into the new space.

Currently I am focusing on the display area above the cabinets. To stay within our budget, we decided against putting 41" cabinets above. We have 10 foot ceilings which leave approximately 32 inches from the cabinet top to the ceiling. In keeping with the casual feel of the house, I'll be adding some rattan and white ceramic pieces.

There is one perfect spot that can be seen from both the dining room and family room. I decided to make a DIY project, incorporating the Cobalt Blue from our front door and the first letter of our last name........hence the DIY Monogram Tray project in today's blog!

I started with:

1).  I purchased a Bamboo Tray from Old Time Pottery for $14.99. 
2). I taped the perimeter of the tray edge with painters tape.
3/4).I applied 2 coats of Cobalt Blue, Benjamin Moore paint (leftover from my front door project) with a very fine bristled paint brush, and let it dry thoroughly. 

5). Measure to find the middle of the tray and mark it.
6). Apply the stencil centering the letter very carefully using painters tape to keep the        stencil in place. My husband made this stencil for me by using one piece of a plastic folder and an Exacto knife. You can purchase a stencil at any craft store that would work the same.
7). Paint the letter with the color of your choice. I used gold stencil paint.
***My background color photographed rather dark as I worked on this project in the evening light at this stage.

The finished product.......

Overall, the project wasn't costly or difficult to create. You should, however, be prepared to dedicate a bit of time, and have a steady hand for the lines on the monogram.

I hope you enjoyed today's DIY enough to make your own monogram tray for your home.

     Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!