Monday, April 13, 2015

Relaxed Living

Good Morning Monday friends!

The past few months have been so busy and jam packed full of lists upon lists of "things to do," it's been so nice to take some time with hubby to decompress. (Explaining all of this will take a full blog some day!) I know this calm will not last forever, but for the moment, this "relaxed living style" is just what we needed.

As my head's coming out of the sand, and my creative juices are once again flowing, it's time to tackle some of the updating that I mentioned in my previous blog. I find so much inspiration from my surroundings. This vignette kind of sets the tone for our southern home.

I'm still working on that "first impression" foyer. I was invigorated after just rearranging items from different areas of the house, but then I felt it needed a bit more pizazz to bring it up to my vision.

I purchased an area rug a couple of years ago with the intention of expanding the navy color palette throughout the house, little by little. I'm a big navy fan and am in love with the new corals. It appears that I'm not alone. Coastal stores are full of my new palette.

This is the design in my rug and some of my navy paint choices. I'm taking a very bold step into the unknown because of a gorgeous photo that I found in a magazine. The inside of the foyer door was painted a very deep navy blue. It was in a much larger luxe home, but I loved it so much......I thought I would give it a try. What a great unexpected surprise as you enter the house!  Let's not forget that "big surprises" can come in "small packages!"

I had no idea there were so many different shades of navy. These are a few samples I picked up at Home Depot. My wall color does not photograph is really kind of a sun kissed cream. 

Picking the right navy with limited lighting is tricky. As with most colors they tend to look entirely different when you bring them into your own home. Lighting is key! Everyone has obstacles to work around, and honestly I only want to paint it once so that I can move on to other fun projects!

Now the work begins! Follow me as I share my journey to "relaxed living" with you!

Wishing you a wonderfully relaxing day!

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