Friday, April 10, 2015


Welcome to FOODIE FRIDAY friends!

There is something so sweet and heartwarming about living in the South. Our first taste of "southern hospitality" was when we lived in Longwood, Florida. Our neighbors were so welcoming, starting with the first day the moving truck arrived to unload us.

There are so many ways to say "welcome". Simple ideas like creating a folder with the trash and recycle schedules and the link to your local Township office. A list of vendors that you have already vetted is always helpful. Examples are; lawn maintenance, pest companies, electricians and carpenters. (And remember to exchange names and phone numbers.) It can be a very lonely time when you literally know no one within hundreds of miles of your new home.

There is nothing "sweeter" than the gift of something baked from the heart. I love making a basket of Southern Buttermilk Biscuits accompanied by my homemade Strawberry Christmas jam.....delish all year round!

The biscuit recipe that I use is quick and easy and makes about a dozen nice size biscuits.

Link to biscuit recipe:
Link to jam recipe:

The biscuits are light and fluffy and the jam adds just a hint of sweetness to the biscuits.

No matter where you's always a wonderfully warm gesture to reach out to a new neighbor and say "welcome to the neighborhood!"

Wishing you a neighborly day!