Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Welcome to Herbalicious Wednesday!

One of the many things I love about living in a warm climate is the fresh produce and plants. Who doesn't love the freshness of herbs year round?  

I recently made a trip to our local hardware store to purchase clay pots for the purpose of planting fresh herbs.Lowe's and Home Depot have beautiful plants right now that were great for my small pots too!

I decided to buy some to keep on our patio table for easy clipping at meal time. After spraying the pots with Krylon Pumpkin Orange gloss paint, I filled them with Sweet Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley plants. All three of these fresh herbs are what I seem to use the most when cooking.

Nothing is easier than keeping fresh herbs at your fingertips or patio table as I did!  There are so many different types of  Basil plants available today; Thai basil has a sweet anise flavor, Holy basil has a clove-like flavor, Lemon basil is great for infusing vinegars and using in seafood dishes. There are many more varieties available that are so delicious it's a must to give them a try.

Another herb, Cilantro, is one of the most popular Mediterranean herbs. It's commonly used in savory dishes. Of course my thoughts turn to a delish salsa too! Parsley both Italian and and flat leaf are known for their healing properties. Italian parsley is less bitter and more fragrant than others. Parsley is wonderful in soups and tomato sauces and so much more.

It's very inexpensive to plant small herb plants, but the dividends are high when comes to the freshness they provide for your meals. Why not give a few of your favorite plants a try. Whether it's a windowsill in the North or your patio in South I'm sure you will love the fresh taste that herbs provide to your dishes!

                                                        HAPPY PLANTING!


***See you on Foodie Friday! Thanks so much for stopping by!!