Friday, April 3, 2015


Welcome to Foodie Friday!

This week has been a real learning experience for us. We've spent several days with kitchen and countertop experts, and then had a little fun exploring some of the recommended restaurants of Southwest Florida.

Since today is Foodie Friday I'm sharing our unique experience at 11:Eleven Cafe in Fort Myers, Florida. Recently Alton Brown, the "Cutthroat Kitchen" host, stopped for lunch, and the Cafe has been bustling since. Tourists and locals alike are lined up on any given day to sample the delish "comfort classics." So hubby and I decided to stop by for lunch to see what all of the chatter was about.

The simple eclectic decor reflects the personality of Chef and Owner Christa Leigh.

The menu consists of childhood favorites like grilled cheese, savory waffles, Naan flatbread, and baked potatoes.....all with a twist. I tried "The Gabbi Mac & Cheese please." It's mac and cheese with your choice of cheese between 2 slices of bread! Yep, a sandwich grilled and pressed until the cheesy goodness escapes around the edges just a bit! YUMMY....but oh so filling. Hubby tried the Bacon and Cheese........which included 3 strips of bacon, added to an already oozing grilled cheese sandwich. YUMMY but deadly! You may customize your own sandwich. Also, served are made from scratch soups, vegan and vegetarian items. 

My Gabbi Mac and Cheese Sandwich------

Eclectic touches are everywhere......

If you are ever in the Fort Myers area stop by the 11:Eleven Cafe for a unique dining experience.

                                       Wishing you a wonderful Easter Weekend!