Friday, December 5, 2014


Good Morning Monday!

It's that time of year when the party invitations are arriving and there's always that question, "What gift should we bring for the host/hostess?

Having been on receiving end from our yearly parties I can tell you how much fun my husband and I have at the end of the evening. We typically can finally have that glass of wine and sample the food of the evening and while doing so, grab all of the hostess gifts, sit down and open them one by one. 

The note cards or tags attached range from gracious words of thanks to some not having any tag on them at all. At that point we try to recall who handed which one of us the gift. It's a great way for my husband and I to reminisce about the evening and it's almost like Santa came when it comes to opening the gifts. This is why we try to personalize our gifts when we reciprocate.
 Never fear this doesn't have to be a daunting experience and it doesn't have to be one that will break the bank. I've compiled some ideas for you to peruse to get your creative juices flowing. Above all, it's always a gracious act of kindness to thank your host with a gift, no matter what the size or cost; it is the thought that counts.

Come take a look and see what I found you....

1.  NEST candles--Holiday scent on Amazon- $32.00
2.  Monogram Border Flat Note Cards--$47.95 for #50

Classic Monogram Border Flat Note Cards

3.  Bottle of wine, champagne or Prosecco-$15-$50
Any wine/liquor store.

4. Red Envelope--Personalized Red Wine Bucket--$47.99

personalized leather wine bucket

5. Pottery Barn Winter Village Kitchen towel--$11.00

6. Pottery Barn Monogram Bottle Stopper--$15.50

7.  Marsha's Buckeyes--#4--8 oz. containers--$17.00
(some of my favorite Midwest candy--you can break these up for a couple of gifts)
New 8 oz. Deli Container

8.  Stylish Silver Ceramic Vase with Premium Large Red Lion Amaryllis Bulb--$34.99

Stylish Silver Ceramic Vase with Premium Large Red Lion Amaryllis Bulb

9. Garrett Popcorn Shops--Garrett Mix--1 gallon-Garrett Signature Skyline container--$33.00
(Everyone's favorite from Chicago)

10.  American Spoon--Four Star Preserves--$42.00
(I love these preserves,they are excellent quality. This may be broken up into two gifts also)

Four Star Preserves

11. DIY Homemade Christmas jam--

I hope this gives you some ideas and takes some of the stress out of the holiday season for you!

Now go ahead and and have a wonderful time at that holiday party!!