Monday, August 11, 2014


Good Morning Friends,

As a young mom I very rarely had "me" time. My husband's job involved extensive travel, and early on in our marriage, when he didn't travel he headed to evening classes for his MBA. In essence I was the designated CEO of the household. My days were chocked full of children, their schedules, managing a household, PTO meetings, teaching CCD, volunteering at school and over the years coordinating 13 relocations!

Quite honestly, life wasn't about me, it was about our children and that's what my husband and I both wanted.  Today it's common place for women to take time for themselves even if it is just a simple mani/pedi or a trip to the gym. I think it's terrific and provides more balance for a mom. Personal time for anyone is healthy. And everyone deserves to be pampered a bit!

Speaking of being pampered--- Last year my youngest daughter treated me to a wonderful facial by Kathy at the Waldorf Astoria in downtown Chicago. Much to my delight she booked a day this year where we both got a little pampering...such great mother/daughter fun!

She treated me to a Silk Peel with a Facial. WOW---can I just say I am one lucky Mom! If you aren't familiar with a Silk Peel (which I was not) the process actually exfoliates with patient-specific solutions to your skin. You can feel the movement of the wand across your face all while the remnants of the exfoliation are deposited into a container for disposal. (sounds yucky-feels wonderful) My skin has never felt so clean and silky. And when you look in the mirror you can see how much brighter your skin is by removing all of the surface "stuff" that clogs pores and doesn't allow your skin to glow.Then she applied a Peptide treatment to help stimulate collagen and elastin. I left feeling refreshed and my skin was no longer dull but glowing.

I love how my relationships have changed with each of our daughters. The moments we have together are precious and I always feel I'd like more time, but it's how we spend our time together that matters. For me, it's simply being with them in their worlds, meeting their friends, going to places they frequent, getting to know them in the world that they live on a daily basis. To quote my husband, "Children may grow up and move across the country, but that umbilical cord can stretch a long way!"

I'll leave you with the final "fun" moment we had with our daughter.....we took her dog to the doggie beach in Chicago. Here's a glimpse of his precious little face after swimming his way back to shore.....he was one happy guy!

Wishing you a wonderful day! 

If you are lucky enough to live close enough to your child give them a BIG hug and tell them how lucky you are that God blessed you with such a precious gift! Maybe you could slip in that a little spa day would be great too!! :)


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