Monday, June 16, 2014


Good Morning Monday! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and those of you celebrating Father's Day, like us, had some wonderful family time together. My husband was lucky this year, at least one of our daughter's was able to be home. We had a cookout with his favorite request.....pork chops! Yes, he LOVES them.

In preparation for Father's Day I made a DIY project that actually was quite simple. We used it on our table and it worked beautifully.


1.  Purchase a can of spray paint, and a 10-inch square unfinished wood tray. I found mine at Michaels. Spray 4 clean 15.5 oz. tin cans. Overspray the edge so that the color of the paint overlaps leaving no silver to be seen.  I chose a new Olive gloss paint color that I thought would coordinate with many of the tablecloth and table setting colors that I already have.
2.  Dry well.
3.  Using double sided tape--wrap around perimeter of the top of the can. I dropped mine down from the edge because I used a wide ribbon. If yours is more narrow adjust accordingly and press into place. This allows you to change the ribbon in the future if you decide to use other table colors.
4. Cut ribbon to perimeter size of can and allow for about 1/2 inch overlap and PRESS down tightly.

5. Glue cans together at top.
6.  Place on tray and measure exactly where you want the cans to be as you will be gluing the bottom of each of them. This measurement depends on how many napkins you will be placing in between the cans.
7.  Glue bottom of cans and place where you have measured and marked on the tray and PRESS on to tray. Let dry.

I love the way this caddy turned out.

This was such an easy and rewarding DIY. It took more time to dry than to complete.
I hope you decide to make this fun and easy project!

Wishing you a wonderful Monday!


*****As always I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday because I have created something beautiful for you!