Friday, May 9, 2014


I was looking ahead on the calendar, and realized Memorial Day Weekend will be here before we know it. We love having a good ole fashioned BBQ that day. In the North it was always our signal that warmer days were ahead. And if we were lucky, Memorial Day would be one of them!

I have been searching for new  picnic food ideas. There are staple dishes that we still see at some picnics; one of them is Baked Beans. Some of the recipes are full of all kinds of sweetness, molasses, brown sugar and even a little added fat in the form of bacon. But those aren't the ones I am looking for. I want something that the prime ingredient is beans, but is made healthier, and tastes even the kids will like it.

Today I am featuring my substitute for Old Fashioned Baked Beans;  it's called Carrot, Dill & White Bean Salad. Sounds different right? I guarantee you will be amazed at its flavors. 

First up, make this marinade of olive oil, shallots, and lemon juice.

Brown the carrots till they are deeply brown. Then add the beans to the pan and finish cooking.  Follow directions to finish on recipe. Link below--

This salad is so easy and the taste is light and a bit sweet. The dill, lemon, and shallots add a nice touch really bringing in a fresh new flavor. You may serve the dish warm or room temperature, which is so nice for a picnic. Sprinkled toasted almonds are used in the recipe at the end, but we like it just the way you see it in the photo.

Here's the delish recipe:

Well, it's not your Mama's Baked Beans, but it is chocked full of nutrients, and not overly sweet. I love how they worked in those beautiful orange carrots into the mix.

Give it a try for your next picnic when you are asked to bring a dish to pass. Trust me, they will all be asking you for your recipe! 

Keep watching Foodie Friday for the month of May for more of these substitute dishes that are tasty but healthy!

                                              Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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