Monday, March 24, 2014


It is always interesting when the Pantone Fashion Colors of the year are released. The 2014 chart
is full of so many beautiful colors this year. The Radiant Orchid color reminds me of the beautiful orchids that seem to be more plentiful now. They may be found everywhere from Home Depot to your local Farmer's Markets. I love using the deeper almost purple form of this and pairing it with something in the lime family. As displayed in countless photos from gorgeous weddings, to home decor, to clothing. It can be quite breath taking.


I put together a Spring vignette with these colors, adding the yellow and white as contrasts in the floral bouquet. It brings a nice springlike punch of color to the table, and nice WOW as you enter a room.

What are your favorite Pantone Colors in the 2014 chart? Which ones will you be using or
wearing this Spring?

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