Friday, March 21, 2014


Now that Spring has officially arrived, sports aficionados everywhere are turning their thoughts to MARCH MADNESS!  The NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament has begun with its field of 128 college teams, all coveting the championship trophy awarded on April 7th, in Arlington, Texas.

With a plethora of games in our household's future, my thoughts turn to game day foods. I find it alot easier if I gather my thoughts prior to having a house full of men wondering what there is to eat, while they cheer for their favorite team.

Hailing from the Buffalo area means, chicken is always on the list. We have a tried and true, family tested, and approved, way that we serve chicken for games.  The recipe is for Crispy Chicken Fingers.  No not the typical Buffalo wings, a slight variation making the chicken, shhhhhh, a little healthier. We don't serve the traditional Blue Cheese Dip either, but we do have a "healthified dip", called Blue Cheese Hot Wing Dip. Of course if our youngest daughter is home, a big side of Frank and Teresa's is a must also!

Take a look at these crunchy chicken fingers and nuggets. They are crispy and not greasy because they are cooked on a baking rack. The air is allowed to circulate around the chicken creating a nice crunch without any of the typical oil from frying.

The Blue Cheese Hot Wing Dip is made with fresh garlic, green onions, fresh parsley, hot sauce, lemon zest, and crumbled blue cheese. Add in, reduced fat sour cream, cream cheese, mayo and some spices, and you have a dip that's quite delish! It is best marinated 24 hours in advance so that all of the flavors meld together forming a really unique flavor great for chicken and veggies.

The recipe for the Crispy Chicken Fingers is from Ellie Krieger and may be found at:

The recipe for the Blue Cheese "Hot Wing" Dip is from My Recipes and may be found at:

If your household is going to be as busy as mine in the next few weeks, you may want to
log away these two recipes to keep your family happy during March Madness.

Good Luck to all!

**Sending a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister tomorrow!

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