Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Foodie Friday....In Honor of the Sochi Olympics--Beef Stroganoff from Russia

Americans have been, and continue to be focused on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  With temperatures varying from 43-50 degrees, some joke that maybe Atlanta would have been a better choice of host city.  But to our exceptional athletes competing, no jokes, just hard work and focus on bringing home that medal.They have not let the temps dampen their enthusiasm.

Meanwhile all of us back home remain strong in our support for these exceptional athletes that represent our country..........GO USA!  At the time of my printing this blog, the medal tally was as follows: 8 Gold, 6 Silver, and 11 Bronze........and we still have 2 more days!

So what do we know about Russia.....its food and its culture? Since today is Foodie Friday I have chosen a Russian favorite dish to prepare.......Beef Stroganoff. It is simply tender beef with a mushroom and typically a sour cream sauce served over noodles. Ellie Krieger's recipe uses Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, to cut the calories. It is such an easy dish to prepare, adding a side of green beans and dinner is served Olympic style!

Displayed in the photo above is a Russian lacquer box. My husband brought this home as a souvenir from his travels to Russia years ago. It is something I have always loved to display.

Russian lacquer art was developed from the art of icon painting which came to an end with the collapse of Imperial Russia. The painters, who previously had been employed by supplying to churches and people's homes, needed a way to make a living. At this point papier-mache boxes were lacquered and hand painted. (**SOURCE Wiki)

I hope you have enjoyed a little bit of Russia with me today. What a great way to start an interesting
conversation around the family dinner table..........why not serve your family a warm and delicious Beef Stroganoff tonight and see where your conversation takes you.

        GO TEAM USA!


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