Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Burst of Springtime!

The temperature is 40 degrees today with our local weather stations predicting 55 on Friday.  That means sunshine, snow melting, and a teasing of Springtime will be in the air. At least for me!

In case you have not had time to check out the PANTONE Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014 yet, check it out below! What a beautiful collection of colors. After our dreary Winter days lately, I was ready to add a burst of color in the house. It's hard to chose just one color, they are all so beautiful. I can see myself rotating color this Spring!


I think my favorite is the Dazzling Blue. How gorgeous this will be in the form of clothing as well as household collections.

I  happened to have a few pieces of pottery in that Dazzling Blue, and I just couldn't wait to display them. The pitcher I had found at Home Goods last year, and the Polish Pottery is something I have  had for years.  I added the touch of Pussy Willows, since they are one of the first "spurts of Spring" we see in the North as our snow melts.

While we were in Napa the girls bought me the lazy susan that I used as my base for the display. I love the rustic oak wood, and the fact that its origin is an actual wine barrel from the V. Sattui Winery. Great memories.

Take a look at the Pantone chart, and scour your house for colorful Spring finds. There is nothing like a burst of "Spring" to lift our spirits.

                                                          Wishing you a colorful day!


      Thanks so much for stopping by.....see you Foodie Friday!