Monday, December 9, 2013

OOPS-- there goes the Christmas tree lights!

A happy mix of snow and evergreens! Yesterday as we were finishing up decorating our tree, a beautiful light snowfall began. Light snowflakes gently falling to the ground making a backdrop for such a lovely photo. Even though we only received a bit of ground cover, the effects were so beautiful I had to share.

My husband started a nice fire in the fireplace as we sat and admired our beautiful creation from across the room. All of a sudden our tree went dark......of the 7 strands of brand new GE Constant On lights, 2 were still shining brightly at the bottom!

Have you ever had that moment when you talked your husband into something (ie. buying the lights that will stay on even if ONE bulb fails) and it backfired? Oh dear....luckily my husband is a patient man. He located the issue, removed the strand of 150 lights that were the culprit, wound it up and politely said, " Please tell Home Depot we would like a new box." I sheepishly, said, "ok."

I then ran to the kitchen, grabbed his favorite bottle of red, poured a glass for both of us and toasted to the "best holiday husband ever!"

Do you have any similar stories......please share as we live, love and laugh through this beautiful holiday season!