Monday, October 14, 2013

Marvelous Monday--Pumpkin Dip!!

I love weekends when we can just relax. I always look forward to the days I can spend with my husband. The weeks are always so jam packed anymore, it is nice when it is just the two of us with no set schedule to follow.....anything goes!

As promised after the Cocktail party blog was published, I am going to start posting some of the recipes that I used that evening. Today I am featuring the---

 Harvest Fruit Skewers and Pumpkin Dip

Fall can be a bit difficult when considering the fruit that will withstand a few hours on a platter without turning brown or getting mushy. I was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of strawberries, mangoes and dark seedless grapes.

My middle daughter found these adorable, and very convenient little hors d'oeuvre forks that worked perfectly for me.
The fork is wider and shorter than a BBQ skewer so the fruit did not fall off before making it to the guests mouth! 

You may find them on Amazon:

The Pumpkin Dip is an old recipe that I ran across in my recipe box from years ago. It is so delicious my husband heard one lady guest say, (with her mouth full of dip and mango), "OMG---this is wonderful!" At least that is what he thought she was saying with her mouth full! He said it was hilarious.


16 oz. Cool Whip
3- small boxes of instant vanilla pudding (dry mix only)
1- small can of pumpkin 
Pumpkin Pie Spice--to taste

Mix everything together and then sprinkle with Pumpkin Pie Spice to taste. I made this
the day ahead.

You can serve this with graham crackers and/or fruit. Just a may find yourself licking the spoon when you are finished making it. It is that delicious!

****NOTE---This recipe makes a huge amount of dip. You may want to cut  the
recipe in half if you have #20 or less people.

I hope you enjoy this simple easy Fall dip!! Drop me a comment if you make this. I am interested what you think about it and would love  to hear what your guests have to say!!