Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Roof Cleaning

It seems as though when you own a home there is always some sort of maintenance to be done. You may catch a bit of a break on a newer home, but if you want to protect  your investment there is always something to fix or maintain.

When we bought our house 2 years ago we had a list of To Do's. Of course there was a certain order that things needed to be completed. Before painting the house, the entire roof and house were pressure washed and cleaned. In our case the landscaping removal was necessary also before we started any outdoor projects, it had become severely overgrown in most areas.

This was the first time we had purchased a home of this age. We learned from our realtor that in New Jersey there is a staining process that occurs over time on roofs. Since this was the oldest homee we had ever purchased we weren't quite as experienced with the maintenance of a roof, especially with the staining issues. In our case, the roof had not been properly maintained, and cleaning was vital. The black stain occurs as a result of algae, fungus and mold growth. It had built up over time and caused the roof to have black streaks and actual moss growing in some areas.

We hired Advanced Roof Cleaners from New Jersey who used a special cleaning process that was environmentally friendly and would take care of the problem without using bleach.
Roof Before

You can see the yellow/black staining.


After Roof Cleaned  FALL 2011

The results were amazing. Not only is the appearance so beautiful, but our investment has now been given a bit of a longevity boost.

What does your roof look like? Home maintenance..........the necessary evil! Now go take a look at your roof before Winter arrives!