Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Renovation Wednesday!

Welcome to yet another renovation project! Our projects spanned a three month time period, with our plan being all major renovations would be completed before we moved in. We had rented an apartment for six months. The plan was for me to find a home, and us to close, and renovate all within the six month time period.

It was a very ambitious plan and a very busy time for us. To move things along quickly, we interviewed and selected our vendors ahead of time, prior to closing. This meant that since we didn't own the house yet, our awesome realtor, Ginger, had to stay with me for many hours while I walked through the house showing each vendor what we wanted done so that they could work up their proposals. I am happy to say that she and her husband are now our friends......thank goodness! (Go Lehigh!) As soon as we closed on the house, we signed our contracts with our vendors, secured dates and we were off!

 My days were spent at the house working as the General Contractor. With this being our "13th" home, it was business as usual for me. My husband spent his days adapting to his new job, and the building or renovation of our homes, depending on which one was required, was up to me. I guess this is why I LOVE building and remodeling so much. Each time acquiring more useful knowledge that ultimately saves us money in the relocation budget..........until I find something else I
just can't live without to add to the budget!

Below photos reflect before we started the renovation, the process of making the changes, and finally the completed dining room. Fortunately the dining room required minimal work. New wall, ceiling and trim color, removing  an old chandelier, and installing a new one, adding a dimmer switch, removing a swinging door that led to the kitchen, and ripping up old wood floor, and installing new. Whew!

It was so worth it.........hope you like the final look of our new Dining Room as much as we do!

                                                            Final Dining Room