Monday, August 19, 2013

Hosting a Cocktail Party

I can't believe it is really time...... Fall is in the stores.....yes it is! My husband was traveling this week so I took the opportunity to stop by our local mall and to check out everything Fall. I had a wonderful time just browsing and of course taking photos!

We are quickly approaching our third Fall back in the Northeast. I have to say we both LOVE
the Fall colors and the coolness in the air that only the North can provide. Last year we hosted a Fall cocktail party we named the "Harvest Cocktail Party." We just set our date to continue the tradition this year which will be on September 27th.

With the date being set I couldn't wait to get into the stores to see the 2013 Fall d├ęcor displays.
The colors are fabulous, burgundy, purple, brown, and emerald to name a few. Of course they have much more elegant names like; Acai, Carafe, Lichen Green, etc. I think you get the picture.

As I start to gather my thoughts and start my planning process for our cocktail party, I will be sharing the prep and execution along the way. I have been asked by several readers to share my steps from the beginning planning stages to the end result of "how to throw a successful Cocktail Party".

Getting ideas at Pottery Barn!

The added benefits of planning a party! Have a wonderful day.

Stay tuned..........