Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Welcome to Tuesday TLB friends,

In today's blog I'd like to share what happened in the case of the "foggy" island lantern lights!  As I mentioned in a previous blog I was struggling with the foggy look that plagued the new island lights within a week of cleaning them. I tried everything that was recommended to me. Initially, they would sparkle, but in less than a week they would look like the light  below. 

So I decided to contact our lighting company who contacted the manufacturer, they offered
their advice which I had already tried. In the end the store called me and asked me to make another selection because nothing was working for us and they were out of ideas.

This time I was a little shy when it came to selecting anything with glass in it. So the new lantern light you see below is my new choice. We replaced both of the lights with the new lantern (open) style lights.  Now all I have to do is dust them!

The look is quite different, but we really have grown to like it just as much as our original choice.

Lesson learned......don't give up! These type of home selections are costly and we should
always be happy in the end with what we have chosen!

Have a wonderful day!