Tuesday, September 6, 2016


 Welcome to Tuesday TLB friends!

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Hubby and I welcomed a much less hectic schedule and enjoyed some down time. Our neighbor hosted a small party for those of us that have moved into our homes with about 6 couples attending. It's nice now to be able to put a name with a face as everyone passes by.

Leading up to the weekend I had been focused on organization. It was terrific to get things out of boxes and into cabinets, however, where I place things while unpacking is not necessarily the best place to store them. I do a lot of rearranging once we start actually living in our home. Certain traffic patterns and convenience dictate where items will end up.

I started in the kitchen and defined a Coffee Bar area as quickly as we moved in. When my sister unpacked all of the coffee mugs we designated the cabinet above the area their space. But after living here for a bit I decided to try something new......

The bank of drawers underneath the coffee area are deep so I decided to use the top drawer for a little something different.....our coffee and espresso cups and pods. 

If we were going to use this drawer every day, we needed something bright and cheery to wake up to. My thoughts turned to my beautiful Betsy Olmsted watercolor runner....so I placed it in the drawer as the foundation and then added the coffee and espresso cups. What beautiful color to be greeted by each day!

To divide the area where our espresso pods are stored, I purchased a pack of 2 drawer Bamboo dividers from The Container Store. I measured the width I would need for 2 pods across and added the divider. I have used these type of Bamboo dividers for many of our homes and highly recommend them to keep your drawers organized. They expand quite easily. See below...

A closer look into the drawer gives you a peek at how well the divider works AND my Magnolia mug from our trip to Waco! 

Click this link to see some of Betsy's beautiful watercolor creations: http://www.betsyolmsted.com/shop/

Click this link to find the bamboo dividers: http://www.containerstore.com/s/bamboo-drawer-dividers/d?productId=10035716&q=bamboo%20expandable%20drawer%20divider 

Link to Williams Sonoma Black and White plaid kitchen towel:

Link to Williams Sonoma wood tray:

So if you have an extra drawer in a great location for your coffee bar, give it a try. It's a terrific way to stay organized and of course always remember, "LESS IS MORE UNLESS IT'S COFFEE!" (I purchased my sign in Homegoods.)

Have a creative day!