Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hello TLB friends!

Things continue to be busy at the new house. We accomplished two major "pains taking projects." Hubby and I spent Saturday walking the house first filling out our claim form for issues with our belongings stemming from our move. I always hate that list. Even though for the past 17 months our goods were in climate controlled storage in NJ, we paid handsomely for, and they were crated, I am sad to say we still sustained heat damage and handling issues to some of our most prized possessions. 

Sometimes the sadness of seeing things than mean so much to us being ruined or destroyed can be overwhelming to say the least. But as those of you that move know, this is the reality of relocating. On a positive note, our moving crew was the best we have ever experienced. None of the issues we sustained were anything stemming from them!

The other list that needed to be completed was our move-in list of "to finish" for the builder. We have 60 days to complete this from the time of move-in, so we decided to knock off both in the same day.......boy that was fun..not!

So while I continue to settle and tweak the house, the pool was dug. Hubby designed a Grecian style pool just the right size for our back yard. I am very proud of him. I love the curved corners and the placement is perfection starting with a beautiful view as soon as you enter the front door. The pool will be the focal point from the the family room, kitchen and master bedroom windows. I can't wait to see that blue!

 If you look carefully in back of the man bending down with the hat on below, there is a green space between the trees that is going to become a dream come true for me! I am so excited!!

When I saw that  space in our yard, with the golf course backdrop, my thoughts went to a long table with wooden benches or maybe the metal industrial chairs with Edison lights strung across the trees on a flagstone defined area.

My inspiration came from the photo below from our family trip to Napa. We dined at in the Grgich vineyard and sat at these lovely tables. This trip with our girls is something we will always hold dear to our hearts. We made lots of memories and were just blown away by the beauty of Napa!

The view may not be of the vineyards....Cade Winery below...but I often find myself doing a lot of improvising through our moves....hey you can't have everything! Take what you LOVE and make it your own! That's my motto!!

Do you have a favorite memory, one that would take just a little improvising to bring to fruition? Don't give up, create what makes you happy!

Thanks for stopping by TLB today!  Hope to see you again soon...
now go put your "creative" thinking cap on, and make yourself happy too!