Tuesday, June 7, 2016


My niece and I were recently channeling one another, not consciously...unconsciously. She recently attended a class dealing with healthful eating making Mason Jar Salads; and I just purchased Gwyneth Paltrow's new book, IT'S ALL EASY  where I made Noodle Pots. Ironically we were both creating new healthful meals that are made in good old fashion Mason Jars! Stop over and check this out.......

The recipe I made from my new cookbook was from the Noodle Pot section and it was called; Tortilla Soup Noodle Pot. It was so easy and absolutely delicious. The prep time is minimal and the best part is you are creating something healthy for your family and yourself
without spending hours in the kitchen. 

The recipe calls for spiralized zucchini and since I didn't have a spiralizer I purchased mine at Sur la table. It is amazing turning zucchini into something that resembles pasta. YUM! The kids will love it too! I can tell this will be my new friend!

Link to spiralizer:

Recently on Gwyneth's GOOP site, the Noodle Pot soups were featured and you may find recipes by following this link:

These unique soups are created by layering healthful items and adding boiling water turning them into delicious and easy soups. The recipe I used today for Tortilla Soup Noodle Pot can be found in her new cookbook--see link below. 

I used Mason wide jars.

Link to jars:

Now let's move on to making Mason Jar Salads that my niece  has passed along from her nutritionist class.


Start with a wide mouth Mason jar (must hold 3 cups). 

At the bottom begin with your dressing, then layer your hard veggies, those that resist
soaking up the dressing. ie. shredded carrots, cucumber, black beans, beets, red onion, radishes etc. You may also add cheese if you like. If you would like to add protein, shredded chicken, Quinoa or Farrow would be good choices.

After the above has been added it should be filled to the 1 cup line on the jar. Stuff this down tightly. Top it off with 2 cups of greens. You may vary the types, spinach, arugula or baby greens just to name a few. Top it off with chopped raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, those items that give the salad a healthful crunch.

When ready to eat pour the contents into a large bowl and mix together well. If the dressing sticks to the bottom of the jar, add a bit of warm water to soften it. These salads will keep for about 3 days in the fridge.

I hope you've enjoyed today's blog. It's always amazing to me how truly easy it is to eat healthy!