Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Get Summer ready!

I've got a couple of quick change ideas for your patio furniture and easy planters that may inspire you this year....

I called my color scheme "Fiesta." Using the reds, purples, golds, and a touch of white in my flower selections. Then I pulled a few pillows that I had previously used in a different area of our home, and added those to our chairs for just the right splash of color that completed the patio. Notice how the red from the pillows takes your eye to the red in the planter?

In the photo below, I simply changed the pillows to a simple black and white stripe keeping the same "Fiesta" flower planters, and the seating area looks completely different. The flowers bring in all of the color with the pillows playing a more neutral role.

Our patios are 2-tiered with the seating area on the top tier, and the lounge chair area on the lower tier.....

Here's a close-up of my "Fiesta themed pots," overflowing with petunias, marigolds, spikes, and a golden vine. This was the first year I used this vine, and I love the golden color it adds to the pots/urns.

Boston Ferns are something I plant in my urns year after year. They are easy to care for, and tolerate sun well. Care is minimal, if you water and provide nutrients regularly, they will thrive from Spring through Fall outdoors. 

**Remember to take them in before any frost or their leaves will burn if you are in the north.

This photo was taken early in the Spring. But by Fall Boston Ferns are so prolific they are spilling out of the urns.

I can't wait until our Texas home is finished so that I can 

"Get Summer Ready in Texas too!