Tuesday, March 29, 2016


While many families are lucky enough to gather together on Easter Sunday, there are those of us that have miles between us making it impossible for all of our holidays to be spent together, so this Easter......

My husband planned the perfect day! He knows that Spring is my favorite time of year. Of course this year I am missing the entire planting season as the house will not be ready to move into until early Summer. 

We started our day by attending early Mass, followed by enjoying a delicious brunch. Then we drove to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden....one of my favorite places for horticultural "eye candy!" He knows that just about the only thing that will put a smile on my face, other than our daughters being with us, are the beautiful blooms of SPRING!!

So lucky you.....you get to enjoy them too! Grab your coffee today and come along as I share our beautiful sunny Easter Sunday with you!

As we entered.......The brochure for the exhibit captures the essence of the beauty throughout the grounds by this simple phrase......

"Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more."
                                                                                                    -Vincent Van Gogh

 When I first saw these red and white tulips I thought of my Mother.
I thought they were quite unique, and would look terrific in her
beautiful Spring gardens. Guess I better
get searching for these bulbs so that she can plant them in 
the Fall up North!

Then we came upon this color combination...I love the pink and orange combo!!!!

Tiny purple and yellow trailing Petunias, Red Japanese Maple trees--how beautiful!

Azalea's line the Tram path...the colors were bright and beautiful!

We weren't the only ones enjoying the glorious sunshine!

Just as I was missing my Wisteria from our NJ home, we were able to catch the end of the display here in TX.....

Planters of Petunia's were everywhere.


I love the color pairings of the blooms and how they compliment one another.  I think that the purple is a Hollyhock, and I love the yellow tulips, along with the red Azalea's in
the background. Nice color combo! There is also a gently flowing waterfall
just prior to the Azalea's...the gentle sound was quite beautiful.

Colorful ideas to take home...mixing colors....this is lovely too! Pink. 
purple and a touch of Aqua or Turquoise.

My sister has several of these large shrubs at her home. They are called 
Chinese Snowball Viburnum. They make the most gorgeous arrangements!

Loving the colors!

The Cherry blossoms are just beginning!

This is actually a Double Late Tulip....it looks like an Angelique.
Isn't it gorgeous? I honestly thought it was a Peony!

So I took a photo of the label so that I would remember!

It was definitely perfect timing for the beautiful display of color with Azaleas.

It was a perfect day spent with my favorite guy, enjoying some of the most gorgeous creations that could only be made by GOD!

I hope you enjoy the color!!!