Friday, March 25, 2016


After the dreary winter months I am so ready for something Springy on my front door. First impressions are everything.......

All I can imagine is the fresh color that only Spring blooms can bring. Yellow, orange, and red to name a few. Flowers delight the masses and come in so many beautiful colors, shapes and sizes. What a way to bring a smile to someone's face.

I was determined to jazz up the apartment that we are currently living in. What better way than by adding a burst of Spring to our door. I conveniently had a Hobby Lobby gift card from my Mom that was burning a hole in my wallet, and I thought, this was a great time to use it! 

Items I purchased

1-foam wreath (size is your choice)
1-spool of white burlap ribbon
1-spool of peach/gold polka dot ribbon
1/8 yd. of decorative piping with tassel's (because tassel's are BIG this year)
Several stems of floral's of your choice. I used poppies, mums, various greens and gold/green berries


1. Wind the foam wreath with the white burlap ribbon securing it with a hot glue gun.
2. Cut the flower stems to the size you require, and hot glue them into place.
3. Add the greens where needed to fill in.
4. Add the green and gold berries for an additional layer helping to create an airy look.
5. Glue in tassel's for a little added glitz.
6. Choose a ribbon with some shine to it and make a bow with some longish tails. And secure with a hot glue gun.
7. Cut a piece of the same ribbon and use it for a hanger. Secure it to the top of your door with a thumb tack or two OR use a wreath hanger.

Wrap the wreath with ribbon and glue.

Cut your stems and glue into place.

Make a bow with longish tails..I also added a tassel on mine.

Nothing says WELCOME like a beautiful colorful wreath. It's that FIRST IMPRESSION that your guest will always remember!

Welcome to our Home!

Wishing you a colorful Easter weekend!