Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Welcome TLB friends!

In today's blog I'm showing you how easy it is to create this beautiful "Valentine Vignette" in your own home.

Items you will need:

-A small vase that will hold one dozen flowers of your choice. I used tulips and roses.
-Small piece of raffia or ribbon to tie around the vase.
-One small silver dish (Hobby Lobby) filled with candy of your choice.
-1 twiggy branch with tiny flowers of your choice on the branches, branches cut off
(Hobby Lobby)
-1 shiny Valentine themed item similar in size to my silver ceramic statue of LOVE 

Steps to creation:

1. Arrange you flowers with roses in the lower front and tulips a bit higher in the back. Add green twigs of your choice for texture and contrast.

2. Fill candy dish with Valentine candy of your choice.

3. Cut branches off the large twiggy branch, and place strategically around items to give the vignette a soft flowy look.

4.  I purchased 2 yards of deep gray fabric and some white chalk. (Hobby Lobby) I serrated the sides of the chalk, and rubbed it on the fabric giving it a similar look to chalk on a chalkboard.

5. Arrange your vase, candy dish and floral arrangement to your liking. Then add the twigs where you see fit.

I love to try new and different things for Valentine's Day! Give it a try....you can do it!



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