Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Welcome back TLB friends! I hope your holidays have left you filled with wonderful memories of family and friends!

Today I have the simplest DIY PLAID CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT for you! 

It's no real secret how much I adore plaid at Christmas time. As I was shopping with 
hubby last week we saw some of the cutest plaid ornaments in one of the gift shops 
  in our neighborhood. As I looked at their simplicity and their WOW factor,
 I was determined to make them myself.

Materials you will need:

-Plaid fabric of your choice
-spray adhesive


I actually just eye balled how much fabric I needed based on the size of my
foam ball. 

1. Cut a square allowing yourself enough to cover the ball. You can easily 
estimate this by pleating the fabric around the ball, making sure you have 
enough at the top to tie the twine and hanger around. 

2. Cut your fabric square once you have determined your square size. Spray the foam ball with adhesive.

3. Starting at the bottom of the ball, press tightly into place. Start working around 
your sides smoothing as you go. It will be necessary to pleat as you round
your corners. Press down tightly each time.

4. As you near the top, grasp the extra fabric tightly and tie a piece of twine around 
the neck in a bow, knotting it tightly.  

5. Finally to add a twine hanger...cut a piece of twine large enough to make a 
hook shape that will fit on a tree branch. Slip it under the twine that you have 
tied a bow in, knot the twine and you now have your ornament hook.

This ornament would look beautiful using any fabric!