Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Welcome to TLB friends.....it's so nice to see you!

By now you are most likely getting ready for Thanksgiving this week. We'll be traveling back to NY to spend the holiday with family. Somehow we manage Thanksgiving, and two Christmas celebrations in 3 days. Our family affectionately has named the weekend, "Thanksmas!"

Before we shuffle off to Buffalo, I'm sharing a new DIY wreath idea for the Christmas holidays. It's an ELEGANT PEARL SATIN WREATH. Sometimes it's nice to have a variation of wreaths throughout the house. I always decorate the dining room with more shiny touches and lots of candles....a bit more elegant!

Materials you will need:

-foam wreath ring-I used 16 inch diameter (any size you prefer)
-one can of Spray Adhesive
- 3 pkgs. pearl strands (Hobby Lobby bridal section) 
-one spool of  Satin ribbon approx. 30 ft. spool (Hobby Lobby bridal section)
-glue gun


1.  Spray the foam wreath with adhesive spray. It will be a bit tacky to work with, but wrap the entire wreath with the satin ribbon. Secure the end with a touch of glue from the glue gun.

2. Starting at the top of the wreath inner circle, spread a tiny bead of glue, and press the  pearls into place as you move around the perimeter. Glue, finger press pearls securely, and so on. (I started on the inside and moved toward the outside of the foam core.)

3. Once you have the pearls in place, cut a piece of ribbon for hanging and secure it
to the back of the area on the top of the wreath where you have had all of your pearl
strands meet. This covers up the edges. 

4. Use your own discretion regarding a bow. I always like a bow on my wreaths to complete them, but it is not necessary. Secure with glue gun on top of the ribbon you have secured for hanging.

It's that easy!

Add a bit of elegance to one of your rooms for the holidays!

 Have fun!