Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Welcome to DIY day at TLB!!!

First if all I want to wish my middle daughter a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! I hope you have a wonderful day!! xxoo

I'm jumping ahead to Christmas today, because I couldn't wait any longer. I don't know about you, but I have been inundated with holiday catalogs! I love Christmas and the holidays in general, so it is so hard to contain myself from not doing at least one project a little early.

In one of the catalogs I received, I spotted the cutest Buffalo Plaid Deer. They looked as if they were made of paper mache' covered with Buffalo Plaid. So I've improvised a bit, and made my own version.....that I call DIY-- BUFFALO PLAID RUDOLPH. Stop over to see how to make them........

I went to Hobby Lobby, with thoughts of finding paper mache' deer. I didn't spot any in my store, however, I did find wooden deer that I thought would work out just as well. I bought two, because everyone needs a friend. Hence Rudolph and his buddy were born!

Here's how to start and what you'll need.....

1. One flat wooden deer on a stand, one roll of Buffalo Plaid gift wrap (I found mine in Target), one tiny red jingle bell, ribbon, several small jingle bells, one can of gold spray paint, one can of Adhesive spray, scissors, and a glue gun.
***My original thoughts were to use fabric, however, I was afraid with all of the rough edges I would
have alot of fraying. Felt may be an option OR use Fray Check if you prefer to try using fabric.

Step One-
Trace the deer onto a heavy piece of cardboard.

Step Two-
Spray edges and bottom of reindeer with paint color of your choice. I used gold.

Step Three-
Place the pattern on top of the gift wrap and trace. Please note--If you are making two
deer and you want them to face one another, you will trace one deer on the design part of the paper, and the other on the white side.

Step Four-
After you have finished cutting out the pattern. You may spray either the pattern back
with the adhesive or spray the wooden deer on the side to want to apply the pattern.

 Step Five-
Gently affix the paper deer, being very careful not to rip the paper. Press lightly with your

 Final Ste-
Decorate your deer with anything you like. I tied decorative ribbon around the neck, and
affixed jingle bells with a glue gun, one at the nose, and several at the neck.

                                            I decorated both sides of my deer with Buffalo Plaid Paper.

I think my little Buffalo Plaid Rudolph will be traveling back to Western New York with us
for the holidays to join our table decor this year.

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY project that anyone can make!

Thanks so much for joining TLB today. I look forward to your visit!


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