Monday, September 14, 2015


Good Morning Friends! 

It's a great morning to grab your coffee and start your day
with TLB & HGTV's October Magazine....come on over as I
share a snippet of press with all of you.....

Can I please tell you all how much fun I am having
each and every day as my creation of TLB unfolds?

 I look forward to sharing my days with all of you.....
some friends that I've had for years, and some
that have come into my life
during the past two years!

The photo below is HGTV's October magazine cover. Inside the magazine each month readers are encouraged to share photos of their projects. If you turn to page 12 in this months issue, you will see the Dear HGTV magazine section. 

TLB's photo was not featured, however, a snippet of my submission was........

If you have been following TLB you will remember how I refreshed our Florida home with new furniture and decor. I also posted a DIY of the coral prints that I framed made from old picture frames.

The coral prints were purchased from Etsy--- Beach House Gallery (Elizabeth). I completed this project......and about a month or so later, HGTV magazine featured the same prints! How terrific for Elizabeth and how ironic for me. You know what they say, "God Works in Mysterious Ways!" Romans 11: 25-36

Thanks so much for sharing my excitement with me today.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


*****All credits of magazine photos are HGTV's. The remainder are TLB's.