Monday, July 13, 2015


My entire family gathered over the weekend for a very special celebration......

our MOTHER turned "80" years young!

She's truly "one of a kind" and my brother, sister, me and our families, had such a wonderful time celebrating with her.

Today I'm sharing some of the photos from our garden themed birthday party.

*** Galvanized Watering Can from Home Depot
***Melamine luncheon plates from Q-Squared in NYC
Not always are we able to host a party in such a beautiful location. My sister and brother-in-law live in a lovely cobblestone trimmed home with outstanding flower gardens. (My sister's piece of paradise!) You will see just how lovely they are as you browse the birthday party photos.

We came up with the garden party theme because of our Mother's love of toiling in her flower gardens. Over the years her gardens have bloomed with outstanding color....although I may be prejudice but my sister's look pretty beautiful also!

So where do you start when planning such an important event? My sister got the ball rolling, setting the date, and selecting a caterer for the dinner. She even contacted a local photographer so that we were able to have a family photo shoot to commemorate Mom's day!

I was in charge of decor so my search began on Pinterest. With Mom's love for her flowers, it seemed only fitting to chose a "Garden Themed Birthday," party. I found a beautiful idea using rolls of moss sheets as the base to my design, and my concept was born! Color, color and lots of texture!

My sister found a sweet local woman, that grows beautiful flowers and sells them by the bouquet. I purchased several bouquets and arranged them by mixing and matching them to resemble flowers growing in a field; soft, colorful and airy. The long table provided a wonderful canvas to display the colors.

My sister made the hors d'oeuvres ; Stuffed Pepper w/Gruyere, Cheese Balls on Pretzel sticks, and fresh fruit with a delish Raspberry dip. I LOVE her centerpiece....a vintage box filled with succulent plants. Just the right touch. Don't you just love how the peppers pick up the color theme in the area rug, plates, and napkins? Everything was not only beautiful, but so yummy!

****Recipes will be shared in a future blog.

Remember my DIY wine bottle project? Well, this is what I made them for. They were perfect lining the center of the table, adding great height and color. I filled them with my sister's Snowball Hydrangea's.

After adding the galvanized watering can and wine bottles on top of the moss runners, I added votive cups containing artichoke candles, and moss balls. Texture, color and very garden like.  

In the above photo you will also see a banner with vintage letters that read, Happy Birthday Mom and a large photo poster that my daughter created. The poster was the many faces of my mother through the years....the expressions we found were priceless and we posted the year they were taken below each photo. It certainly made for some great laughs from my Mom and alot of conversation recalling what events they were taken at.

Gardens are all about color, so I kept the color coming with the addition of soft yellow and deep rose linen napkins. You will see another of my DIY projects, the Jute Rope Napkin Rings slipped around each napkin. They added just the right amount of rustic to complete the setting. Underneath the napkin is a melamine luncheon plate detailed with deep pink and red flowers. The addition of white dinner plates allowed for the color in the melamine plates to accentuate the scape.

Every girls deserves a Fascinator Hat to wear when celebrating such a momentous occasion........I found this in Dollar General!

And so as birthday's go.....cakes are a must. Mom's party ended with a delicious Raspberry filled layer cake created "with love" by one of my sister's best friends!

Thanks for joining me today for a peek into the very special celebration of my Mom's 80th Birthday! 
I hope you enjoyed the festivities.

                                        Don't forget to..... HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE!