Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It's a DIY day today at TLB!

Stop over to the blog today to learn an easy way to add color to any room in your house by using a succulent plant! 

Items you will need--

*  Wine glasses
*  2 bottles of craft paint--1 darker, 1 lighter in the same color family
*  1 plastic container large enough to be able to fit the bottom of the wine glass into it
*  A couple of toothpicks

Step 1-
Pour about 3/4 of the bottle of the darker paint into the container for mixing.

Step 2-
Add a few drops of water and stir the paint until of a consistency that is not lumpy.

Step 3- Drizzle in a crisscross fashion the lighter paint color on top of the dark color.

Step 4- With your toothpick weave back and forth making a marble like design.

Step 5- Tip the container on an angle.

Step 6-Take the wine glass and coat the bottom of the glass first by dipping into the paint. Then making sure to tip the wine glass to one side roll it around in the paint. If you would prefer to paint one side only roll one side. This will give you a nice marbled look. 

Note: When rolling the glass on its side, be careful not to make the layers too thick. The idea is to have the paint cover approximately 1/3 of the side of the wine glass,leaving a diagonal design.

Step 7--Prepare a piece of strong tape (like painters tape) in the shape of a handle. Attach it to each outside of the glass. I used my cabinet handle and threaded the tape thru the handle of the cabinet and then attached it to each side of the wine glass. This handle will be secure enough for the glass to dry overnight. Use newspaper to catch the drips underneath.

After the paint is dry...

Step 8-Remove tape and all residue.
Step 9-Add soil, plant succulent and add water.

The final result is a beautiful, and simple planter that adds a "touch of color" to any space.

I hope you enjoyed today's DIY! Now go add your own touch of color to your space.